Saturday, 10 September 2016

Top 15 most common development tasks you will have in almost all of your Alfresco projects

In any of your alfresco projects, based on your project requirement there would be number of different development tasks you will carry out ranging from customizing some of the things available out-of-the-box to adding the new things per your implementation. Out of them, here I have tried to list out the most common items that you will find in almost all of your Alfresco development projects. There would be many more as well however, I have just tried to put up the most common ones related to development front, based on my opinion.

If you are a beginner who have just started with development in Alfresco and are curious to know what are all the common things you must learn in order to be productive from day-one in your assigned alfresco projects then you should try to explore and learn how to achieve below things in Alfresco. That would surely help you in my opinion.

Let's take a look at them.

1. Creating custom content types in your custom content model
2. Adding a form configuration to create/edit the custom content type
3. Adding a new option in the document library view to create your custom content type i.e. adding a menu item to the "Create.." menu in document library
4. Starting a workflow as soon as a new content of your custom content type is created
5. Creating a new workflow and integrating it with Alfresco Share
6. In a workflow task view, display transition buttons instead of a list view.
7. Creating custom control for your workflow task form for example, to select an assignee, instead of searching for a user, you want to pre-populate all the users from some specific group and then select assignee from it.
8. Adding a custom action for your content in document library
9. Writing an evaluator to show the custom action to only specific type of user
10. Creating a custom page for example, to display a list to show the contents created for your content type and providing actions such as edit/delete and so on.
11. Creating a Dashlet to display and list out the contents in some specific state such as all the contents in review process and so on.
12. Automatically creating a default folder structure when a new site is created
13. Displaying create site link to only specific users
14. Adding your custom page to the site navigation menu (by default you only see document library there)
15. Customizing File Upload dialog

Hope this helps.