Thursday, 10 March 2016

2 Quick & Easy ways to know your Alfresco version details...

With each new release of Alfresco, there are many new features getting added to Alfresco which are really useful and makes Alfresco product really cool. The most recent release was Alfresco 5.1. Hope you have checked about the new features of the latest release Alfresco 5.1 Community Edition and Alfresco One 5.1 (Enterprise Edition)

Now, while working on Alfresco and especially if you are new to Alfresco, it may sometimes happen that you want to know the details about the exact version of your Alfresco in order to refer to the appropriate documentation link and even to ask the question in Alfresco forum with specific Alfresco version details.

I am sure you must also have had figured it out as well. However, here are the two quick and easy ways you can easily find your Alfresco version detail when your Alfresco is up and running and even when your Alfresco is not running.

Know Alfresco version details when Alfresco is NOT running

You need not to wait for your Alfresco to be up and running in order to know the Alfresco version details. You can get to know the details even when Alfresco is not running. Following is how you can know it. Inside your Alfresco installed directory, you can find at the location \tomcat\webapps\alfresco\WEB-INF\classes\alfresco.This file contains all the required details about the alfresco version as shown in the following screen-print. It contains all the details you should know about your Alfresco.
Alfresco version details

Know Alfresco version details when Alfresco is up and running

When Alfresco is up and running, it is even simpler to know the version details. Simply hit the url http://localhost:8080/alfresco (modify the host and port as per your installation) and you will be shown with the following screen. You get to know Alfresco version details such as label, edition and version build number as highlighted below.
Alfresco version details

These are the 2 quick and easy ways to find your Alfresco version details.


  1. Hi Ramesh:

    I send you some other ways:

    1. Another easy way (both up or down) and also valid for all previous versions of Alfresco either CE or EE. Go to $TOMCAT_LOGS (i.e. /opt/alfresco51e/tomcat/logs) and type:

    $ grep "Current version" catalina.out

    You will obtain something like:

    2016-02-20 10:26:36,614 INFO [service.descriptor.DescriptorService] [localhost-startStop-1] Alfresco started (Community). Current version: 5.1.0 (r122274-b3) schema 9.016. Originally installed version: 5.1.0 (r122274-b3) schema 9.016.

    If the server is up and running:

    2 In the footer of Alfresco Share (for both CE and EE), click in the logo and you will see the Alfresco version details.

    3. In EE version, if you are admin, you can see the details for Alfresco version, in Administration Console.

    4. And finally, you can obtain the version details from webscript:




    1. Thank you Cesar Capillas for your valuable inputs.
      Out of the multiple different ways, I tried to put up the 2 ways I found the easiest in my view for anyone new to Alfresco.
      Thank you for sharing the other ways, that will surely help others.