Monday, 29 February 2016

Just joined Order of The Bee...

It's 29-February today...It's a date which comes once in a 4 year...It's really a special day. Isn't it?...
On this special day, I would like to share that I have just joined Order of The Bee few days back and I am now a member of the Order of The Bee

Order of The Bee is an independent group of Alfresco professionals/experts/enthusiasts from the Alfresco community all across the globe, with the primary focus to promote Alfresco Community Edition and also aggregate the best from the community in order to help other community members, especially the developers working on Alfresco technologies.

Order of The Bee has members who have always been instrumental to help the Alfresco community in one or the other way, may it be blogs or books or tutorials or add-ons or answers in the forums or answers in IRC and so on...All these contributions really help a lot to anyone working on Alfresco.

Glad to be a part of OOTB team!!!

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